Pet Styling Courses

Pawsum Grooming Sessions

Pawsum offers three unique grooming courses tailored towards the new puppy owner, the informed doggy parent and those keen to get into the pet styling industry. If you would like to know more here are further details;

1. Puppy Pamper Course

Keep your new friend looking and feeling their best! Learn how to brush to minimise knots and avoid matting. Understand what to ask for when having your pet groomed, what areas need the most focus and the signs to look for to know when a groom is needed. 

Included is a Puppy Pamper Kit which includes Professional Thinning Scissors, Professional Styling Comb, Flea Comb, Tear Stain Removal Pads, Poo Bas and Travel Bag. Valued at $100.

Course cost - $199. ( 30 - 60 mins duration )

2. Wellness Course

At the end of the course you will be able to remove matting like a professional, know how to trim nails and clean your pet’s ears to minimise future ear infection. You will learn helpful tips to extend the duration of grooms which will help reduce grooming costs.

Included is a Healthy Dog Travel Kit which includes Professional Curved Scissors, Nail Clippers, Nail File, Flea Comb, Pet Tag and Poo Bags. Valued at $120.

Course Cost - $219 ( 30 - 60 mins duration )

3. Becoming a Pet Stylist

This is a 2 week course designed to provide all the skills necessary to become a professional Junior Groomer. During the 2 weeks you will learn how to wash and dry all breeds to commercial standard, manage daycare and work effectively in a team environment. At the end of the course you will have the skills necessary to apply for a role as a Junior Groomer!

Course Cost - $1,500 ( 2 weeks )

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